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Starting Out In Business ? Beware the overnight Success Sales People

By 4 October 2023October 18th, 2023No Comments

There are a multitude of reasons why people want to start up in business some rational, some irrational and some just down right ridiculous. Being your own boss does have many benefits but if you are considering giving up a £50,000 per annum salary to start a mobile gin bar and expect to take the same net profit from that business working 40 hours a week, might I suggest you do some serious research and a lot of test trading before you hand your letter of resignation to your Line Manager. Running a business is a bit like the posed posts on Instagram – what you see in front of you versus the reality of how you achieve it are often very different. 

Don’t be fooled by Tossers selling you a golden ticket!

You may have listened to the podcasts, read the blogs and even attended the seminars of the Gurus and motivational speakers who have promised they can help you create a seven-figure business over night. Heeeellooooo, wake up and smell the coffee!

Consider the points below before you fall for their tossery bullshit!

1. If said expert states they can help you achieve a get-rich-quick result, where is the proof they have made it happen for themselves? Not just a ‘that was pure luck’ result but a consistent annual turnover that ensures you long term financial security. 

a. You have the hard evidence? Marvellous, move to point 2.

b.There is no evidence? Quel surprise, might I suggest you skip point 2 and return to your business drawing board.

2. If your chosen expert has proof of achievement and has promised it to you, how many other gullible souls have received the same assurance? Can you establish how many of the seminar attendees, book readers or YouTube subscribers have followed Gloria Guru’s fail-safe method and are now basking on a sun-kissed beach drinking ice cold Mojitos whilst checking their mobile banking app for a balance that contains their over-night sensation stash? You cannot clarify this? Consider the two further points below: 

a. If business start up with a seven-figure overnight turnover is that easy why the hell after over 35 years of being my own boss have I not achieved it? 

b. Why are the streets around us not awash with self-employed people who all have plenty of money to spend? 

The answer to point 2 a and b is this – because building a business is actually bloody hard work and if you are in it for the money honey there is a five in six chance you are backing the wrong life plan and need to have a long hard re-think before you go any further.  

There are however many other reasons people choose to start out on the path of self-employment. 

Understand your Why before you start a business.

Everyone is motivated to start a business for very different reasons. For some the road to self-employment may not be one they choose to take but a direction they have to follow through necessity rather than desire. It is important for you to understand before you embark on your business idea why you want to be your own boss and what is the driving force behind it.  

In my experience, and I have had a lot of it trust me, you are likely to fit into one, or more, of the following five categories:

Wealth Creators

Dream Builders

Difference Makers

Freedom Fighters


More about these another day but until then my advice is this, really understand why you want to be your own boss before you even think about starting to create a business plan 

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