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Season 1: Episode 10

Tossers that put you off focusing on finance with guest Daniella Wainwright

In Episode 10 of Don’t Work With Tossers – The Podcast, Daniella Wainwright, a Portfolio Finance Director and Founder of Wainwright Consulting, chats to Tina Boden about Tossers that put you off focusing on finance. Dani shares that a high percentage of business owners she speaks to have been put off understanding their finances by an accounting professional and how she works to change that.

Guest bio

Daniella (Dani) Wainwright FCA, is a Part-Time Financial Director, Consultant and Portfolio Career Mentor.

Dani is a senior finance professional with experience leading in all sizes of businesses from SMEs to FTSE 100 PLCs, and sector experience in marketing, retail, utilities, various tech, gaming and property. She began her Portfolio career to give ambitious SMEs access to the highest level of commercial and financially savvy support, as well as to gain more control over her own work/life balance. Having gained so much personally from the transition from Corporate to Portfolio, Dani is now not only passionate about helping SMEs thrive, but also about helping other senior finance professionals access this lifestyle.

To find out more about Daniella Wainwright follow this link

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