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Season 1: Episode 3

How to avoid Tossers in business support with guest Michael Edwards

In Episode 3 of Don’t Work With Tossers – The Podcast, Tina Boden chats to Michael Edwards, Founder of The Northern Affinity, about why he founded a community for business owners to come together to support and promote each other.

Guest bio

Michael Edwards  is the owner of The Northern Affinity, a community of like-minded business people who come together to collaborate.

He has seen and experienced the benefits of building a successful business and his family background means that he understands the ups and downs, the hopes and dreams and the impact that reaching your goals can have on you, your family and all those around you.

Michael started his career in financial services before becoming self employed in 2016 and building a business community where people have a platform to flourish is his passion. The Northern Affinity was set up with one main ethos; If you can get good people together, you can achieve anything.

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