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Season 1: Episode 6

Gender equality and the Tossers that don’t get it with guest Victoria Bond

In Episode 6 of Don’t Work With Tossers – The Podcast, Victoria Bond chats to Tina Boden about gender equality and the Tossers that don’t get it.

Guest bio

Victoria Bond is the CEO of Ten Space. Ten Space are employee engagement specialists, with a custom built platform capturing employee feedback and insights. They work with organisations to enhance engagement, performance and retention.

Victoria is a transformational leader, with a Masters in HR Management, and a strong background in HR leadership. She’s worked with businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries at different points in their growth cycle.

She is also one of the three hosts on the popular HR podcast “HR Directors Cut”.

Her mission is to transform the world of work and build deep engagement and exceptional employee experience into company cultures.

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