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Season 1: Episode 5

Don’t let Tossers impact your personal brand with guest Deborah Ogden

In Episode 5 of Don’t Work With Tossers – The Podcast, Deborah Ogden, Personal Branding and Impact Coach, Tina Boden’s guest, chats about the importance of not letting Tossers impact your personal brand.

Guest bio

Deborah Ogden is a Personal Branding and Impact Coach. She is dedicated to helping people uncover and shape the unique qualities they possess that can propel their personal brand wherever they want it to go.

It’s Deborah’s belief that we all have amazing potential, often untapped and raw but waiting to be discovered. By being our best self and communicating authentically, Deborah helps to unleash a personal brand that has impact, memorability and style. She knows it’s about embracing your unique set of talents, skills and experience and creating a brand that is undeniably you.

Before starting her business 13 years ago, Deborah had a career in communications, that included a number of years at The Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground, helping professional sportsmen get sponsorship deals, providing media training and ultimately finding her own voice.

Deborah is a Lancashire Lass at heart, but lives in her adopted county of Yorkshire with a sports journalist husband and my son Oscar. They love nothing more than getting out in the glorious Yorkshire countryside, a good cricket match or watching Huddersfield Town.

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