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Build Your Business Crowd Wisely

By 26 September 2023September 28th, 2023No Comments

In 2017, I made some strong decisions about the type of work I wanted to do and the people I wanted to work with. Why? because I had once again found my expertise, knowledge and willingness to give back 20% of my time to charities and good causes being taken advantage of.

The criteria that will now always be obeyed:

1. If it doesn’t bring me income,

2. If it doesn’t bring me happiness or

3. If it doesn’t bring me promotion to bring me income and happiness I am not doing it.

4. I will not work with organisations who do not have the interests of the end user at the heart of everything they do.

5. I will not work with organisations that take my years of knowledge and experience, nearly 30 running micro businesses to be precise, and use it as their own without crediting me either financially or otherwise.

And finally

6. I won’t work with Tossers.

In 2023 Criteria 6 is now Criteria 1, I have zero tolerance for Tossers, though as I discuss on Episode 1 of Don’t Work With Tossers – The Podcast with Naomi Timperley, my type of Tosser is not necessarily someone else’s type.

Make life easier for yourself

Running your own business is hard enough without the added pressure of clients that you do not like or who are making life hard.

  • People who do not pay you on time.
  • People who want that extra pound of flesh and are not prepared to pay £ sterling for it (or any other currency you are charging them in).
  • People who move the goal posts just before the end and claim that is what was agreed.

The list of things that add pressure when you are working with an individual or organisation can be endless and you just do not need it, in fact if you are self-employed, running your own micro or small business, trust me you do not have to take it.
Remember this is your business, you are building it and driving it forward and if you choose to make changes that is your prerogative if you know it is in the best interests of your business, your wellbeing or your personal life.

You own the business and decisions are down to you – choosing clients carefully is part of the building your business crowd wisely process.