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Awards – Love them or loathe them?

Last week while embarking on the latest round of sorting packing boxes, 12 months after we moved house, I came across a framed photograph and press release from 1999. It…
30 January 2024

More Marmite Than Magnolia

While chatting to people, giving presentations or delivering workshops I often refer to myself as More Marmite Than Magnolia. In fact a few years ago my fabulous designer, Gaynor Carr…
21 November 2023

Business Ghosting – It’s a Tossers trick!

How often have you spent hours working on a proposal that a client, or potential client, has been pushing and pushing you for to find when you send it their…
31 October 2023
A group of men and women stood by a wall that has a gap in it looking out to sea. There is a sign on the wall that says Paradise.

Networking or Notworking ? That is the question

Whether you run a business, are the employee of a corporate organisation or a student at University, networking is something you are regularly encouraged to do. After all according to…
19 October 2023

Starting Out In Business ? Beware the overnight Success Sales People

There are a multitude of reasons why people want to start up in business some rational, some irrational and some just down right ridiculous. Being your own boss does have…
4 October 2023

Build Your Business Crowd Wisely

In 2017, I made some strong decisions about the type of work I wanted to do and the people I wanted to work with. Why? because I had once again…
26 September 2023

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