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Tina Boden is 3rd generation self-employed and in her 35th year of self-employment.

She has worked with and come across plenty of Tossers in that time. Her life experiences, and she has had many, have also led Tina to encounter more than her fair share of Tossers.

As the Work Life Blend Coach, Tina now helps business owners create a work life blend that is right for them. Tina knows achieving work life balance is hard, almost impossible. The focus needs to be on the blend – how you mix work and life together – to reduce the impact on your mental, sometimes physical, health and increase the time you spend doing the things you love with the right kind of people, not Tossers!

Through her unique style of advising, coaching and experience sharing she helps to ensure the wellbeing of the business owner and their business is as good as it can be. Tina knows from a wealth of personal experience that one seriously impacts the other.

In 2017 to focus the work she does and the people she wants to work with, Tina set 6 criteria – Criteria 6 is ‘She won’t work with Tossers’.

Tina’s Little Book Of Tossers was created to list those that showed Tossery behaviour towards her. Somewhere she could record the Tosser’s name, the date they behaved like a Tosser and the Tosser traits they showed! It took journaling to a whole new level for her.

And that is how this website and D0n’t Work With Tossers – The Podcast began.

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